A Culturally Delicious Experience

The atmosphere at Soul de Cuba Cafe is alive with a captivating combination of Cuban influences. In our rich and exquisite surrounding, patrons enjoy an amazing menu that reflects Cuba's multicultural heritage, with an intriguing blend of flavors from Spain, Africa, Portugal, China, and Arabia.

If you're interested in a fascinating franchise that captures the soul of Cuba, with authentic cuisine and decor, and warm, welcoming service, Soul de Cuba Cafe is calling your name! What's more, the timing is just right. Here's why...

Dining Today

The restaurant industry entered 2008 as an economic powerhouse, with sales predicted to reach $558 billion.1 Restaurants have become a major part of the American lifestyle, and consumers are hungry for the variety, convenience, and socialization they provide.2 As restaurants evolve into homes away from home for busy Americans, we're expecting more than ever from our restaurant experiences.3 And Soul de Cuba is prepared to deliver in food, service, and atmosphere!

When it comes to dining, American consumers are more sophisticated and adventurous than ever, seeking out new and exotic flavors on menus.4 Add to this, a yearning to experiment with all foods Hispanic that's practically become a Latin fever!5 Factors driving the growth of the $5.7 billion Hispanic Food and Beverage market include both the growing U.S. Hispanic population and the expanding tastes of non-Hispanic Americans.6 It's predicted that by 2011, this market will reach $8.4 billion.7

Within the Hispanic sector, Cuban food has exploded in popularity.8 Increasingly, mainstream diners are embracing its unique flavors, which are distinctly different from other Latin American cuisines.9 Specialty alcohol is also among today's top trends,10 and Soul de Cuba serves up a pleasing selection.

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